NAMM Show – Friday, January 23, 2015 (Day 2)

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Our second and final photo set from NAMM 2015 – Continued from Day One of our NAMM blog.

Fazioli Pianos

Fazioli Concert Grand, one of the finest pianos in the world.

Rick Baldassin

Rick Baldassin is the 2014 Piano Technicians Guild Golden Hammer Award Recipient, and the head of Fazioli USA.

Jansen Artist Bench

The Jansen Artist Bench is known as the ultimate in American made piano bench quality, shown with other products from P.L. Jansen, one of our favorite suppliers of piano accessories and benches.


The Renner booth featured a larger-than-life model of a grand piano action.

Piano Technicians Guild

The Piano Technicians Guild had a booth on the 3rd floor – we love you PTG!

Phil Bondi and Norman Cantrell

The current vice president (Phil Bondi, RPT) and president (Norman Cantrell, RPT) of the Piano Technicians Guild. Phil tried to sabotage the photo so it wouldn’t be posted online. Sorry, Phil, you made me want to post it even more.

Wittner Metronomes

Wittner Metronomes (Germany), another fine product Mesa Piano Service offers to its clients at great prices. It’s hard to imagine how many variations exist until you see them all in one place.

Allan Holdsworth at Carvin

Allan Holdsworth (right) made an appearance at the Carvin booth with Greg Howe (left). Allan Holdsworth’s impact on the world of guitar playing is monumental, and he is certainly one of my musical influences.

Mayones Guitars

Mayones makes incredible guitars and basses.

Aguilar Bass Pickups

What to install in my 5-string bass… Aguilar?

Bartolini Bass Pickups

… or Bartolini? That will be a tough decision.

Michael Tobias Guitars

Michael Tobias basses are a sight to behold. I eventually stopped staring and moved on.

Music Man John Petrucci Guitar

Another John Petrucci Music Man 7-string. Maybe someday…

Floyd Rose FRX Tremolo

Floyd Rose demonstrated the new FRX Tremolo, which requires no routing of the guitar body.

Kala Guitars

I’ve been searching for a Nylon string acoustic/electric, and after playing this Kala Thinline KA-GTR-SMTN-E, I’m quite certain this will be the one I purchase. The sound was simply amazing.

NFUZD Audio Drum Emulation

One of the most exciting new products at NAMM (in my opinion) was the new NFUZD Audio electronic drum system. The sound and feel is incredibly realistic. When I asked about the cost, I was prepared to be disappointed, but this drum emulation product is incredibly affordable.

In and out Burger Run

They don’t have In and Out Burger up in Seattle, so this was one of the highlights for Jim. Look how happy he is, taking a selfie with the sign in the background!

Van Halen Tribute

The Hilton lobby went a bit crazy around midnight as “Hot For Teacher” took the stage, one of the best Van Halen tribute bands.

WNG Repetitions

I was sad to leave NAMM, but upon returning home on Saturday, I found something new to be happy about: A new box of WNG repetitions that I will be installing in a 1920’s Mason & Hamlin grand. Back to working on pianos, and looking forward to Winter NAMM 2016.


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Mark Purney is a Registered Piano Technician and owns Mesa Piano Service, along with his wife, Dawn Purney. Mark is also a pianist and woodworker, and has a bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering from Cleveland State University.
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