Please call (480) 718-9047 with questions, to inquire about our rates, or to schedule an appointment.

Please note that we do not service digital instruments or organs.

You can also contact us via the form below, but please note that a phone conversation is a faster way for us to answer your questions, and also ask you important questions so we can best understand your needs. Please fill out all fields that apply:

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Some pianos require more than we can do in a standard appointment. If your piano needs additional services, such as hammer reshaping, voicing, regulation, parts replacement, key bushing reconditioning, flange repinning, or other services, we will discuss your options with you. During our regular appointments, we can evaluate the condition of your piano and make recommendations for which repairs or services will provide the most significant improvements for the least expense.

Preparing for the service appointment:

The piano will need to be opened by the technician, so we recommend removing all music books, lamps, and other items from the top of the piano prior to your appointment.
A quiet environment is necessary, and greatly appreciated by your technician. The very subtle, higher frequencies the technician must hear can be easily drowned out by voices, music, TV, and running water – even if those sounds are in the next room. Ceiling fans near the piano can alter the sound waves in undesirable ways, and must be off during tuning.