Yamaha U3 52″ Upright Piano $4,990
This piano is sold

Beautifully Maintained, Amazing Touch and Tone
Location: Mesa, AZ (85210)

This Yamaha U3 has been very well cared for, and looks, feels and sounds like a new piano. It has a powerful, even tone and a smooth, fast action.

Yamaha U3

Yamaha pianos are known for being incredibly dependable and consistent. But even a Yamaha needs maintenance to remain at a high level of performance. This 1982 U3 is a shining example of what happens when a piano is properly cared for by its owner. We love this piano and we think you will, too. Call for more details or to make an appointment to view it.

Yamaha U3 Details:
Serial Number: M3545689 (Manufactured in 1982 in Japan)
Soundboard: Excellent. One hairline that is cosmetic only.
Pinblock: Excellent
Strings: Excellent
Hammers: Excellent
Tone: Excellent
Finish: Very Good. A few minor blemishes that would be routine work for a finish repair specialist.
Plate finish: Excellent
Dampers: Excellent
Bridges: Excellent
Action / Keyboard feel: Excellent
Pedals: Excellent, properly adjusted (damper, mute and soft pedal)
Bench: Excellent (adjustable height, padded)
Tuning: Recently tuned
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Yamaha U3 - Opened

Yamaha U3 Side View

Yamaha U3 Action

Yamaha U3 Top View

Yamaha U3 Bass

Yamaha U3 Treble

Yamaha U3 Pedals

Yamaha U3 Lower

Yamaha U3 Hammers

Yamaha U3 Fallboard

Yamaha U3 Side View