Grotrian-Steinweg 200 Grand Piano (6’7″) $22,000

This Piano is Sold.

Finest Quality German-Made Piano, a Rare Find
Location: Scottsdale, AZ (85251)

Grotrian is listed on in the highest tier of pianos (Highest Quality / Prestige), All of the pianos in this category are European made including C. Bechstein, Blüthner, Bösendorfer, Fazioli, Sauter, Steingraeber & Söhne and Steinway & Sons (Hamburg). This model 200 will not disappoint the demanding pianist with a taste for quality, but who may not have the budget to purchase a brand new piano of this caliber.
According to the most recent pricing information, a brand new (polished ebony) 6’3 Grotrian sells for $98,538, and a new 6’10” Grotrian sells for $114,174. (The 6’7″ model 200 is no longer produced.)

Grotrian 200

We have inspected and tuned this instrument, and it is our intention to represent its condition as honestly and accurately as possible. Before investing in any piano, it is strongly suggested that the buyer receive an independent evaluation from a qualified technician. Because we have an interest in helping our client sell this piano, Mesa Piano cannot offer this service for potential buyers, but here is a link where you can search for a Registered Piano Technician by ZIP code.

This Grotrian 200 has a clear, singing tone and a fluid action. Everything important is all there: The pinblock, soundboard, strings and hammers are in wonderful condition. It’s a solid a piano all around.

We suggest that you play and compare this to brand new European grand pianos of similar size, costing 2 or 3 times as much.

Grotrian-Steinweg Model 200 Details:

Serial Number: 107910 (Manufactured in 1971 in Braunschweig, Germany)
Soundboard: Excellent
Pinblock: Excellent
Strings: Excellent
Hammers: Excellent
Action (Renner Action): Excellent
Tone: Excellent
Finish: Good
Plate finish: Excellent
Dampers: Excellent
Sostenuto (mechanism attached to middle pedal): Needs work
Bridges: Excellent (impressively clean-sounding string terminations)
Pedals: Excellent
Tuning: Tuned on 10/9/2015.
Bench: High quality, adjustable artist bench, but in need of minor repair (spacers in adjuster rod to eliminate the side-to-side rocking).
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Grotrian front view

Grotrian fallboard

Grotrian 200 Front

Grotrian bass strings

Grotrian treble strings

Grotrian rear view

Grotrian front view