Howard (Kawai) 330 Grand Piano, Satin Ebony (5’1″)

This Piano is Sold.

Manufactured in 1971 by Kawai, sold under the Howard brand name by Baldwin USA
Location: Mesa, AZ (85205)

If you’re looking for a solid 5′ grand at a great price, this 330 is hard to beat.
This piano has been kept in a very stable environment, and has been well maintained. It holds its tune remarkably well, which is an important trait that is impossible to know about most used pianos until you’ve owned it for a year or two. If you’re looking for a cosmetically perfect piece of furniture, this isn’t the piano for you – but if you want a good instrument and don’t care about a few scratches, read on.

Howard Kawai 330

We have inspected and tuned this instrument, and it is our intention to represent its condition as honestly and accurately as possible. Before investing in any piano, it is strongly suggested that the buyer receive an independent evaluation from a qualified technician. Because we have an interest in helping our client sell this piano, Mesa Piano cannot offer this service for potential buyers, but here is a link where you can search for a Registered Piano Technician by ZIP code.

Howard / Kawai 330 Details:

Serial Number: (499749 Manufactured in 1971)

The piano is in very good – to excellent condition throughout. The tone is very clean and strong in all ranges, and the action has a smooth touch. The pinblock is solid, and there are no functional issues needing immediate attention or repair. We feel it’s a very good piano that is absolutely worth the asking price, and can serve the needs of students or pianists at just about any level.

Cosmetically, the finish shows some signs of wear and minor chips and scratches, with one chip on the bass side, just above the leg, that needs attention: Due to the location of this chip, we feel that simply touching it up with black lacquer would make it very hard to notice, and that is the repair we would recommend.

Tuning: Tuned on 12/15/2016.

Bench: Hard top storage type, structurally good, but the finish is well worn with some scratches.

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