Kimball 5’8″ Grand Piano $3,900

Carved Oak Art Case


Solid piano with beautiful case
Location: Cave Creek, AZ (85331)

Kimball Grand 5'8" For Sale

We have inspected and tuned this instrument, and it is our intention to represent its condition as honestly and accurately as possible. Before investing in any piano, it is strongly suggested that the buyer receive an independent evaluation from a qualified technician. Because we have an interest in helping our client sell this piano, Mesa Piano cannot offer this service for potential buyers, but here is a link where you can search for a Registered Piano Technician by ZIP code.

Kimball 5’8″ Grand

Serial Number: A97113 (1978)
Soundboard: Very good (no cracks, but some residue spots)
Pinblock: Excellent
Strings: Excellent (some residue/discoloration under music desk on a few tenor & bass strings)
Hammers: Very Good
Action: Good – Parts are in excellent condition, but the action is out of regulation (adjustment)
Tone: Very Good
Finish: Excellent, with one scuff on bass leg (see photo) – this is an easy touch-up repair
Plate finish: Very good (some spots of residue under music desk area)
Dampers: Very Good
Bridges: Excellent
Pedals: Damper and Soft Pedal excellent, Sostenuto (middle) pedal currently not functional due to a broken part
Tuning: Tuned on 3/5/2015
Bench: Padded, matching carved oak

Brief video/audio clip of this piano being played:

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Kimball Bench - Padded Oak


Kimball grand


Kimball grand lyre


Kimball grand fallboard


Kimball grand top view


Kimball grand action


Kimball grand hammers


Kimball grand tail view


Kimball grand scuff on bass leg