Schimmel 213 Konzert Series (K213T)
7′ Grand Piano – $29,900

Showroom Condition, Technician-Owned

This is the personal piano of the owners of Mesa Piano Service

Price includes piano, bench, and Dampp-Chaser humidity system. Price is firm and not negotiable.

Schimmel K213T For Sale

  • One Owner (Mark Purney, Registered Piano Technician)
  • Immaculately Preserved with Constant Temperature & Humidity in Smoke-Free Home
  • Dampp-Chaser (Piano Life Saver) Humidity Control
  • Renner Action
  • Upgraded Scrollwork Music Desk
  • Upgraded WNG Low-Friction Anodized Capstans (Never Need Polishing)
  • Schimmel Leather Adjustable Artist Bench
  • Tuned, Regulated and Voiced


Schimmel K213T plate detail

Manufactured in Braunschweig, Germany, Schimmel is recognized as one of the world’s premier piano manufacturers. The current 7’2″ Konzert model Schimmel retails at $99,700. For about 1/3 of that price, you can pick up this Konzert 213 that has been carefully maintained by the owner, who is a Registered Piano Technician with the Piano Technicians Guild.

Before you play this piano, we suggest you visit dealers and audition as many pianos as possible, because we believe it will be difficult to find a better piano (new or used) at this price. We encourage you to hire a Registered Piano Technician to provide you with an independent inspection and evaluation before purchasing this, or any other piano.

It is our intention to represent its condition as honestly and accurately as possible. Before investing in any piano, it is strongly suggested that the buyer receive an independent evaluation from a qualified RPT. Here is a link where you can search for a Registered Piano Technician by ZIP code.

Serial Number: 352.659

Call 480-718-9047 for more information, details, or to set up an appointment to view the piano.

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